Digital Marketing Prices

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  • Every business is different so the digital marketing strategy may be different. We may do more Google Ads, SEO, Google Map Pack Marketing, Google My Business Management or Facebook ads etc. for your business.
  • If you want to go faster you simply allocate a larger monthly budget.
  • There are no set up fees, no lock in contracts, its pay by the month, no hidden charges or cancellation fees.


(Do This First) Google My Business Management – $350 p/m

Buy Monthly Google My Business Management Plan – $350

When Google interprets a search for something with a location, Google almost always returns a local pack.  The local pack is a set of three results, marked on google maps, these are typically shown above all other search results. If you are a local business this is critical marketing. It is also highly trackable, you can tell its working.


(Do This Next – No. 1) Google & Bing Pay Per Click Ads – $500 p/m

Buy Monthly Google Ads Management – $500

People search your keywords and your ad is displayed on Google and Bing. Whatever is the greater of $500 p/m or 20% of ad spend is our ad management fee, you pay for ad costs yourself. Each industry has its own cost to acquire a new customer this way, see example cost per acquasition list at bottom of this page.


(Do This Next – No. 2) Meta Ads Management – $500 p/m

Buy Monthly Meta Ads Management – $500

You should run ads to people who ‘look like’ your current clients using Facebook algorithms. Use your email database plus any data you have on your Facebook pixel to create lookalike audiences. Running ads to these audiences is another key action for businesses.
– New clients
– New centres of influence
– New referral partners
– Branding

You should also run ads to target high value centres of influence & high target referral partners. The top 100 people that could skyrocket your business.
– New centres of influence
– New referral partners
– Branding


(Do This If In Growth Mode) Traditional SEO – $3,500 p/m

Buy Monthly Traditional SEO Marketing – $3,500

The rivers of gold. It is well known that ranking organically for some businesses is the most lucrative new business vertical to target. If this is you, and you understand this SEO journey may take 2 years and cost $50,000 to do properly we should talk. Our clients are generally businesses in growth mode, that see digital marketing as a necessary investment and have a reasonable digital marketing budget.


(Do This If You Have To) New SEO Based Website – $5,000+

Sometimes it will cost you more to fix the website you have than to build a new one. Some websites will cost $5,000 some will cost more it depends on the complexity.


Digital Marketing Budget

We like to use a rate based on cost per acquisition (CPA) when budgeting.

This is roughly what it will cost you to get a new paying client (not lead) for your business.

Legal & Financial – New Client Cost
– Divorce Lawyer $265
– Financial Planner $250
– Personal Injury Lawyer $435

Health Care, NDIS & Fitness – New Client Cost
– Allied Health $150
– Gym/Fitness $150
– Home Care $200
– NDIS Participant $250

Construction/Home Services – New Client Cost
– Electrician $125
– Air Conditioning $150
– Plumbing $200
– Roofing $165
– Solar $300

Real Estate – New Client Cost
– Real Estate Investor $300
– Mortgage $350
– Real Estate Sales $900


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